Video Overview of the National Library of Jamaica



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Dismantling the Caribbean Cliché : Creative Writing Workshop


Further empowerment…

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“Caribbeanness is a system full of noise and opacity, a nonlinear and unpredictable system. In short a chaotic system beyond the total reach of any specific kind of knowledge or interpretation of the world.”

- Antonio Benitez Rojos, Cuban scholar


Rosabelle Illes, Groundation Grenada’s writer-in-residence from Aruba residing in Netherlands

After a revitalizing yoga session on the morning of Saturday  16th August 2014, which will focus on cultivating creativity, it’s time to stretch our minds and to engage in creative writing from 10:15 am to 4:15 pm at the historic Priory building on Church Street (next to ‘Hindsay’ School). Forgetting is Not an Option Phase N°1 is Groundation’s largest project to date and boosts a rich program of events, including Dismantling  the Caribbean Cliché, a creative writing workshop hosted by our visiting Writer-in-Residence, Rosabelle Illes (Aruba). Pre-registration online is required and open to everyone, 16 and over.

The Caribbean has…

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Jamaican History: Can you speak Jamaican or Patois? The History of Jamaican language


Communication matters…

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jamaican patois

Jamaican patois

A Jamaican Conversation

“Bredrin, wa gwaan?”
“Bwai, ya done know seh mi deya gwaan easy.”
“Yes I, a so it go still. Not ‘n na gwaan, but we a keep di faith, nuh true?”
“True. How de pickney dem stay?”
“Bwai, dem aright. One a dem wan tun DJ an bus. Nex one wan go a foreign an bus. A try mia try reason with dem still.”
“Yeh man, a so pickney stay fi real. Dem fi know seh every mickle mek a muckle.”
“True. Mi deh pon haste, ya hear? A faawod mi a faawod.”
“Yeh man, lickle more, seen?”
“Lickle more.”
The English Translation
“What ‘s up, man?”
“I ‘m here just taking it easy.”
“Yeah, that ‘s how it is. Times are hard but we have to keep the faith, isn’t that right?”
“Yeah. How are your kids?”
“They ‘re alright. One wants to be…

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Mounting Embarrassment Surrounding the Caribbean Court of Justice


Yet another institution being challenged…

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justice-delayed-barbadosCalling it the toothless Caribbean Court of Justice, this Barbados Free Press article speaks about the mounting embarrassment due to unending incidents and the chaos and corruption surrounding the entity:

Ask anyone on the B’town streets and you’ll find that few Bajans realise that the vaunted Caribbean Court of Justice carries no actual power or authority even in Barbados – one of the few countries to sign on with the CCJ. Compliance with Caribbean Court of Justice decisions, you see, is still voluntary.

That’s not what has the CCJ in chaos though – it’s a series of recent incidents that some say threatens the court’s continuance. News 7 in Belize put forth an excellent summary, but the news articles just keep coming including corrupt conduct by a Justice…

Check out the following:

Trinidad ExpressCCJ faces internal battle

Stabroek News: CCJ judge gets $$ to hire driver


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If truth be told.



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Let’s start the new year of independent living in the manner we wish to proceed. It’s always interesting to consider what Jamaicans consider to be honesty. I was brought up to understand that it was an absolute. But, I find in Jamaica that it’s relative. (Before going too far, I know that honesty when it comes to things that affect the family is definitely relative, relatively speaking.)

How so? Well, for many Jamaicans, life’s path is about who you know. So, with truth and honesty. It’s also the case that honesty is a matter of who may be embarrassed by it. “You can’t say that. Don’t you know who’s…?” That goes hand-in-hand with the well-tried “Do you know who you’re talking to?” bombast that stands in the face of reasoned explanation.

Maybe, I’m wrong, but I was faced with some of this relative honesty first thing today. One of our…

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The Age of the Ghost Writer


Another great piece…

Originally posted on Luke Shipman:

It was 2010. I was working on a screenplay at a Starbucks on Ventura Blvd, Encino, Los Angeles. By the end of the first week it was clear: I was not the only freelancer in LA! After counting, I was actually just one of fifteen in this Starbucks who weren’t just popping in to pick up latte’s and frappuccinos. Mid California summer – we were spending the entire day inside, safe in the tranquility of the air conditioning with our butter croissants, laptops and MacBook’s – some of us on just one espresso a day, others one an hour. ‘Do you come here every day?’ I asked one of the writers thumping away at his own movie script. ‘Brother, this has been my office for three months’. I looked around, we were all focused in on our writing, we were ‘the freelancers’ of Ventura Blvd.
Four year later, I find myself working at a different venue, a…

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As a writer, will you sell yourself? What are your limitations?



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Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I was on Facebook and reading a blog today about celebrities getting a book deal without writing a single sentence. This made writers go crazy! I, even had a few choice words. But, it makes you wonder, if you were a big name ( not even a writer) would you sell yourself for money? I know some people will say, but think about it, truly. As writers we want to get a great book deal and be considered one of the best, but what will we do to reach that goal? What if. for example, an agent says, ” I love your manuscript and I have a company that wants to buy it for $100,000.oo but you will only get 5% royalties and everything else will be done for you. Would you sell? Would you sell knowing you have no say in the cover, the editing process…

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