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Major Highlights of Proposed Constitutional Changes





The Trinidad and Tobago Constitution Reform Commission released its report dated December 27, 2013 into the public domain.   Launched on March 2, 2013, the Commission held 17 public consultations including two in Tobago.  Citizens also had the option of submitting their comments online.    The report included several recommendations which are currently being discussed by the cabinet.   Further consultations will be held in February now that the report has released.  

Elected Executive Senate & House of Representatives Committee System

One significant recommendation is an elected Senate.    According to the report, all cabinet ministers will be members of a Senate that is elected by proportional representation using the Hare model.  Given this, the recommendations stated that the elected executive senate will increase in numbers to 41 mirroring the current House of Representatives.    The House of Representatives will be equal in power to the Senate; however, the House of Representatives will comprise…

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