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Chocolate, Cacao or Cocoa Beans




One of my guilty pleasures is to eat and drink chocolate. Unfortunately, today’s chocolate is highly refined and processed and comes in all kinds of variations. Chocolate is best known as Cacao or Cocoa beans. Here is a brief history of chocolate.

1500 BC – 400 BC, The Olmec Indians of the West Indies or South America were the first to grow and cultivate Cocoa beans.
600 AD the Mayans Society of South America drank an unsweetened chocolate beverage from ground Cocoa beans.
By the 14th Century, the drink became popular amongst the Aztecs of South America’s upper class, who took the beverage from the Mayans. The Aztecs were the first to tax Cocoa beans. The Aztecs called the beverage “Xocalati” meaning a warm or bitter liquid.
Chocolate came on the scene when the Europeans discovered the Americas. Soon after, Columbus and Spanish Explorer Hernando Cortez encountered and recorded the…

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T&T’s first Olympic medallist dies

another bit of our history passes…

Repeating Islands


TRINIDAD and Tobago’s first ever Olympic medallist, Rodney Adolphus Wilkes, has died, Carolyn Kissoon repots in Trinidad’s Express.
Wilkes, who was battling prostate cancer, passed away at the San Fernando General Hospital at 11.30 a.m yesterday. He was 89.
Wilkes was a former weight-lifter who was nicknamed the “Mighty Midget”. He participated in three Olympic Games, winning a silver medal in London, England in 1948, when he participated in the featherweight division of the weight-lifting event. Four years later he won an Olympic bronze medal at the games in Helsinki, Finland.
And after his retirement, Wilkes returned to his job as an electrician at the San Fernando City Corporation.
He lived at Bertrand Street, San Fernando, with his wife Alma and their five children. His wife died eight months ago.
Wilkes’ stepson, Patrick Laurence, said his stepfather was ailing for some time. He said Wilkes celebrated his birthday on…

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Machel Montano Keynote Speaker at 40th Florida Caribbean Students Association Leadership Conference


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