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Cremè de Menthe and mint choc ice cream bon bons


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DSC_7135    DSC_7138 On a planet far-far away, remembered simply as BS, (before school! Oh please behave!) there lurks a distant memory of helping myself to some green washing up liquid poured over ice and a ‘canapé to self’ made from “kittykat” on  to a dis guarded toast soldier which was destined for the bird table. Teddy and I still recall the schadenfreude allure of the green liquid to this day.

DSC_7155  DSC_7139

During the garish 1960’s and 70’s the toothpaste flavoured liquid became the sought-after Emerald and many a girls desire. The rare, frozen, glinting jewel most often presented in a half schooner sherry glass with two short straws was green Cremè de Menthe. Poured over crushed ice and then reverently placed near flickering candle light at a bustling Berni Inn near you, pure romance eh? The advent of the commercial Cremè de Menthe frappe became the height of sophistication in quintessential…

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