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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Harnessing Jamaica’s National Brand for Economic Growth

Brand Jamaica


Dr. Hume Johnson - Founder and Chairman of the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project. Dr. Hume Johnson – Founder and Chairman of the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project delivering public lecture at the Jamaica High Commission Uk, in London, June 17, 2014.

The following is an excerpt of the PUBLIC LECTURE made   by Chairman and Founder of the Re:Imagine Jamaica Project, Dr. Hume Johnson at the Jamaica High Commission in London, June 17, 2014.  In her lecture, Dr. Johnson argued that Jamaica holds a strong position globally in terms of symbolic and cultural narratives yet remains poor. In short, the impoverishment of Jamaica is out of sync with its fame.  She asks how can this fame be exploited for economic growth and affluence? Dr. Johnson raised 5 key areas which she believes the Jamaican authorities must tackle for Jamaica to reap benefits of its popular and world famous national brand.

  1. Promote a more complete image of Jamaica
  2. Leverage and promote the ‘Made in Jamaica’ label and …

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Inside The Criminal Mind: Review


Premier Book Review

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 7.30.52 AM

Inside the Criminal Mind provides a fascinating and insightful look into the inner workings of the criminal. This book touches on the mentalities that apply in a general way to all criminals and then explains in more depth in relation to each criminal type (whether it’s burglars or pedophiles).

Samenow’s main point is that the criminal has a “criminal personality” which has been present to the relations of the criminal since they were young. Thus, one can potentially identify criminals as youths or can justify finding a criminal guilty (even if they plead temporary insanity) by using their past history to demonstrate that they have a criminal personality. This book does a fantastic job of explaining and using examples to demonstrate exactly what classifies as a criminal mind. Samenow illustrates, using quotes from criminals and those with a criminal mind, exactly what goes on in the minds of most criminals…

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John Catt featured by the BBC as independent publishers are put in the spotlight

Indie publishing

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A Call for Entries

Writing competition

A.E. Barnes

Shelf Unbound Magazine put out a call for entries in its annual Writing Competition for Best Independently Published Book. This is a great resource and competition for independent authors. The Raven Son was featured in last year’s competition as a notable title in the genre of Epic Sagas. (If you missed that, click here.) Subscriptions are free, so check out this publication and the many authors it supports. Publishing is a tough business, but it can be especially tough on independents, and opportunities like this are so helpful to those of us paving our own path in the industry.

For all you indie writers out there… if you’ve published a book in the last five years, you should enter the contest! No matter how many times you’ve been through it, putting your work out into the world is scary, and it’s especially scary putting it in the hands of a…

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