Blurring Borders: Fear, Shame, and Sexuality in Brazil and Beyond



Blurring Borders: Fear, Shame, and Sexuality in Brazil and Beyond

Sexuality is a complex and mysterious aspect of human existence and interaction. Though it has come to represent one’s identity since the 18th century (Weeks, 2006), sexuality was once seen as a behavior, and didn’t inform the construction of one’s identity, nor the way one is perceived by society. Nowadays, for better and for worse, sexuality and identity are inseparably linked. But the multiplicity of sexual identities is not aptly summarized by the slew of labels that attempt to homogenize groups of distinct individuals into neat, legible boxes.

Interestingly enough, and perhaps counterintuitively, heterosexuality is at least as limiting, if not more so, than other sexual referents. Society wants to be able to identify homosexuals with ease- therefore the limits of heterosexuality are relatively well-defined, especially in contrast with homosexuality, which is more of an umbrella term than a precise…

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