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Bahamian Aviation Lawyer Says the Bahamas Should Take Part in Drone Legislation 

Thought provoking piece

Repeating Islands


Llewellyn Boyer-Cartwright, Now, a Bahamian aviation lawyer and Callenders partner, says that The Bahamas has a chance “to get out in front” with drone legislation. The prolific growth in the use of UAVs is leading to an increased need for legislation that would establish rules and regulations governing them in Bahamian air space. This comes at the heels of two recent close calls between unmanned aerial vehicles and passenger aircraft on the same day–one incident on the approach into New York’s busy LaGuardia airport, the other in California. These events drew international attention to the increasingly pressing issue about what to do with growing numbers of remotely-controlled drones in crowded airspace. Here are excerpts:

“Currently, there are no proscribed or published guidelines to assist commercial or recreational UAV operators,” said Boyer-Cartwright, who is concerned that it is only a matter of time before a close call becomes a call that…

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21 Students Arrive at CSF for July 19 Start of SPISE 2014

Another positive move for the Caribbean and science…


Caribbean Science Foundation Caribbean Science Foundation

The annual Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) is one of the flagship initiatives of the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) whose mission is to help harness science and technology for the diversification of the economies of the Region. The CSF’s objectives are to: (a) assist with Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education reform, and (b) stimulate more technology-based entrepreneurship and thereby create more jobs.  In this regard, the goals of SPISE are to help address the low numbers of Caribbean students pursuing advanced degrees in science and engineering, and groom the next generation of science, engineering, business and technology leaders in the Region.  It is widely believed that the Region needs to create more technology companies that would export more innovative and competitive products and services to earn more foreign exchange. It is imperative, then, that we prepare the next generation for the…

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Soca Music on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!

Following Soca’s transition…

R.S.A. Garcia


One of the routines on Fox’s dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance–which I am a huge, HUGE fan of as a former dancer myself–actually featured a very popular soca tune that played a lot during Trinidad’s Carnival season.

Although it’s not sung by Trinidadians–who actually invented soca–it’s definitely very familiar to all of us. So as part of my Friday feature (sorry I bugged out on you last week!), enjoy this taste of Caribbean music.

I can’t say the routine was all that great. The show has definitely featured better, including some on this season. Like this one:

And this awesome group routine:

Amazing right? Even if dance isn’t really your thing.

Stay thirsty, my friends!

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What can we do about children who can’t read Jamaica?

Another issue that Caribbean Community countries have in common…

di institute for social leadership

We have a really big problem with children reading. Last week i observed a few children 6-13 yrs.

  1. We played scrabble
  2. We ask them to choose books that they liked and A-dziko read some with them.

This is what we found.

  • Some children don’t like to sit and read
  • They don’t think reading is important
  • They constantly complain that they can’t say the words
  • Spelling is difficult
  • They don’t read fluently
  • They don’t know many words and have difficulty calling new words
  • The older ones don’t easily recognize the sound letters make. Some don’t know the alphabet
  • In a game of scrabble they made two or three letter words mostly.
  • The ones who couldn’t read wanted to quickly move on to another activity and it seemed they became more disruptive
  • The ones who could read were constantly distracted by the ones who couldn’t.

This is a problem we have written…

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Paint Jamaica

Creativity meets with the community…

Ink.Well Labs


A group of us Jamaicans, decided to come together to make a change in our home. It was decided, we start deep where the eye of Hurricane Ferocity once would brew- Parade Gardens , Downtown, Kingston. Our mission: catalyse the perspective of the community to an incontrovertible panorama. We’ve scouted for the ideal area, sought it’s approval, made the relevant plans, and began crystallizing the area through the collective creativity of our minds and those who reside within the sphere. Here we are, days upon days after, with the help of the beautiful residents and alfresco volunteers we are here. We are becoming closer and closer to the completing of our project for our brothers and sisters as we Paint Jamaica.

Christopher Lee Murray

Visit our page on Facebook: Paint Jamaica

Keep up-to-date with our progress and what’s happening on our YouTube Channel.

Find the crowd funding here:

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July 27, 2014 · 10:29 am

Using Creole, and Other Regional Dialects in Writing


Spiderlilly's Web

Repeating Islands reported that Trinidadian writer and journalist Lisa Allen-Agostini recently wrote (in Allyson Latta’s blog Memoir, Writing, & More) about her experiences using Creole in her writing.

One quote which I came away with:-

The author proceeds to give sound advice to writers who want to use Creole, stressing that “As with any new language, learning to use dialect effectively takes practice.” She adds, “Reflect on your reasons for incorporating it — anthropological authenticity, characterization, and/or art—and ensure that any dialect enhances, rather than gets in the way of, an effortless and meaningful experience for your readers.”

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Jamaican Vegan Pattie

Looking forward to this…

Being Vegan Eats

Growing up in NYC this famous flaky Jamaican turnover was a staple at any pizzeria in the neighborhood.
The last one we had was actually in Jamaica on our honeymoon many years ago…until now. We are proud to introduce our very own vegan version of this Caribbean treat! We are sure you will love them as much as we love them. Michael likes his with hot sauce or with a little squirt of ketchup, but they are great just the way they are!




2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup of vegan butter, we used Earth Balance sticks

1/2 tsp. salt

1 1/2 tsp. turmeric

a 1/4 cup of water- possibly a little less than the whole 1/4



2 Tbsp. olive oil

1 1/2 cups texturized vegetable protein (TVP)

1 cup vegetable stock

1/2 a white onion

2-3 cloves of garlic

2 Tbsp. scallions

1/8 tsp. liquid smoke


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Jamaica and China Sign Sweet Potato Research Agreement

Developmental collaboration…

Repeating Islands


The University of the West Indies-Mona and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science have signed a research agreement focused on developing and innovating technologies to preserve the shelf-life and quality of sweet potato.

The agreement involves research by the Laboratory of Crop Science, UWI Mona campus, headed by Professor Noureddine Benkeblia, and the Postharvest Science Laboratory, Institute of Sweetpotato Research/Xuzhou Sweetpotato Research Center, Xuzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS), headed by Dr. Qinghe Cao.

The agreement, which was by The UWI Mona Principal, Professor Archibald McDonald and CAAS Director, Professor Fei Xu, will also seek to innovate technologies aimed at improving the ‘storability’ of sweet potato varieties that are grown in Jamaica and China.

Under the agreement, the Laboratory of Crop Science at The UWI Mona will deploy its expertise in developing the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology to extend the shelf-life of…

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Greek Vegetable Salad with Lemon Balsamic Dressing

Something new…

a rented kitchen



Sometimes, when it’s summer and you have a sweet tooth the size of the Dominican Republic, you just want to eat ice cream all the time.

Then, sometimes, when it’s summer and you eat ice cream all the time, you realize that’s disgusting and start making a lot of salads.


I would like to introduce you to one of my new favorite salads- the beautiful Greek Veggie Salad.

Speaking from experience, I know that it is easy for salads to become mundane or habitual, which does not encourage one to enjoy salads as regularly as one ought to. However, this salad is stunningly colorful, full of flavor, and as fresh as can be. Therefore, give it a try! Put down the ice cream, at least for today, and bring some healthy diversity to the table with this dish.

Happy Summer Eating 🙂

Love, A Rented Kitchen



Salad Ingredients:

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July 21, 2014 · 11:53 am

Crispy Okra with Peanuts and Cashewnuts

Nutty goodness

Mareena's Recipe Collections

Crispy okra

Here’s the recipe of Crispy Okra with Peanuts and Cashew nuts, that can be served as a starter or a side dish.

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