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Cacao; Super Food; Super Nutrition

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Vegetarian and Loving It!!

Cacao – Super Food; Super Nutrition

Cacao (Theobroma cacao). The botanical name for chocolate means “Food of the Gods” and after studying the nutritional and health benefits I can see modern research has supported this concept that chocolate is a super food.

Historical evidence shows the Aztecs, Mayans and likely the Olmecs before them were drinking cacao tea long ago. Hieroglyphs that depict chocolate being poured for rulers and gods are present on Maya murals and recently, remains of chocolate tea from over 2000 years ago have been found in pottery. They ground the seeds with spices like we do but theirs was a bitter, savory drink not sweet.

Cacao Tea is a heritage food in Dominica; traditionally this hot beverage is consumed with the breakfast or evening meal; I believe this is a factor in the longevity we are known for.

To make cacao tea: we grate the local…

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Become a Vegan Chef

Who would have thought?

Vegetarian and Loving It!!

Help Change the Way the World Eats: Become a Vegan Chef! The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts—the nations premiere, truly vegan culinary school—announces new classes beginning June and September 2009 for their 800-hr professional training course. Turn your passion for food into a lucrative, cutting edge career on our beautiful, vegan campus in the heart of Austin, Texas. Our unique part-time curriculum allows you to work and study while you experience the great resources and support of this exciting city. As the home base for many health conscious businesses, Austin offers the perfect environment for living a vegan lifestyle, learning new skills, making connections, and creating a community that will last a lifetime. Past graduates have assumed leading culinary and food industry positions, including corporate level positions with Whole Foods Market, restaurant owners, vegan food manufacturers, private chefs, caterers, and health consultants. Sign up by May 15th for the…

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Dominica and Chile Sign Visa Waiver Agreement

Hmmm… Are there similar arrangements for the other countries in the region?

Repeating Islands

chile-dominica-300x218Holders of diplomatic and official passports from Dominica and Chile are now exempt from visa requirements when traveling between the respective countries due to an agreement signed between the governments of the two nations. On Monday [June 23, 2014] Minister for National Security, Labor and Immigration Alvin Bernard signed the agreement on behalf of the government of Dominica.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Careen Prevost, explained that the agreement came about at a summit between CARICOM and Chile in February, 2012.

“At the second CARICOM-Chile joint summit held in February 2012 it was agreed that in order to facilitate movement between Chile and CARICOM member states, an agreement on visa waiver exemptions for holders of diplomatic and official passports should be concluded between Chile and CARICOM member states and the meeting further agreed that this should be negotiated as soon as possible,”…

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Turtle Watching | Grand Riviere – Trinidad

Taking in the lighter side of island life

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Singin’ Wo Yeah Yeah Calypso…

To this day he remains one of my favourite…


David Rudder probably has the secret to creation in his back pocket. He had to be touched by an angel or something when he put this song together. Calypso Music is a classic. The title explains what you’re about to experience. Sway to this barefooted as the sun goes down. You’ll want to thank me for this throwback, but it’s all good.


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One Is Gay: An Equal Freedom to Build A Career

Powerful message in there…

Ben Channing

“One is gay. If that bothers people, our work continues.”

These are the words that feature on a recent, ongoing campaign created by the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual charity Stonewall. The words are alongside photographs of two people in the same profession: professions that range, on their numerous campaign posters, from doctors to footballers; barristers to priests; office-types to those working on construction sites.

Out of the two people on each campaign poster, you might wonder which one is gay. Or are both gay? – “one is” can also mean “I am”, of course.

Who knows?

It’s simple, but ridiculously effective: gay people are ordinary people – so why would you be able to tell a difference, between the two featured, to be able to find a conclusion to that wondering? The only conclusion you can draw is that a person’s sexuality is irrelevant within the workplace.



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Welcome to an Interview with rob mclennan

I just love what you did here… Great work


Welcome to an Interview with :  rob mclennan

Rob in Paris at Louvre. Rob in Paris at Louvre.


Author of. The Uncertainty Principle: stories, (Chaudiere Books, 2014)


A brief synopsis.

The Uncertainty Principle is a collection of very short stories in compact prose. Some stories are but a sentence long, while others last half a page or more. They run the range from personal missives to explorations of world history to commentary on contemporary (including pop) culture.

What made you decide to write this book?

After reading authors such as Lydia Davis and Sarah Mangold, I wanted to see what else might be possible through the form of the postcard-sized story, and the book-length accumulation of such pieces. Just how much can be said in a short space?

Where did you find the characters?

The stories are far more idea and even plot driven than character driven, meaning the idea of character…

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An Interview With Author Eden Baylee

Thanks for an all time great example of the type of interview I would love to do

The Final Curtain


An Interview With Author Eden Baylee

My blog post this week is a most particular pleasure. Having been interviewed myself by this adorable lady, here is my chance to change seats, to be the inquisitive one. To Eden’s many friends who are in the audience, please feel free to re-blog this interview.

So, without delay:

An Interview with Eden Baylee

Eden Baylee is one of the grandest ladies I know…supportive of so many authors and friends. She is one of those people who has a lot of humanity the world would not necessarily know about. She is an author who has written erotic books – and written them with a literary flair and without the raw and gratuitous verbiage that many readers might associate with erotic writing. Her style is warm and inviting, and her themes touch on real life issues and content. There are described in her writing the…

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Is it okay for our Leaders to lie to us?

Unfortunately, the views expressed in this article seem relevant to other Caribbean territories…

Robinson Network

How many Jamaicans from the grass root would still vote if our leaders decided to stop buying votes? How many of us would still invest in the economy if we knew its actual fate? How many grass root Jamaicans would still vote if corruption was eliminated and our politics became clean? How many Jamaicans are willing to report criminals within their communities to ensure crime does not nest there? How many Jamaicans are really ready to stand for what is right and see to it that there is a safer Jamaica for both theirs as well as their neighbour’s children?

The truth is, we cry for a new, prosperous, safe and productive Jamaica, but most Jamaicans are not ready for real change. Many Politicians, including the Prime Minister are able to abuse the Constitution and in turn the citizens of this country because we allow them to. What did the…

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How Dark Chocolate, Not Milk Chocolate, May Help Blood Flow

More health benefits…


 Background: The idea that eating cocoa-rich, dark chocolate may offer greater health benefits than milk chocolate is not new. Cocoa is loaded with compounds called polyphenols that have been shown to help our bodies fend off inflammation and maybe even improve our moods.

New Evidence: And now a small study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association offers evidence of another possible benefit: improving vascular health by increasing blood flow.

Researchers studied patients with peripheral artery disease, or PAD, which affects about 20 percent of adults older than 70 in the U.S. and other Western countries. People who have PAD can have trouble walking and exercising since blood flow to their limbs becomes impaired. Cramping can be a problem, too.

As part of the study, researchers gave half of the 20 participants 40 grams (about 1.5 ounces) of dark chocolate that had at least 85 percent cocoa…

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