Cacao; Super Food; Super Nutrition

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Vegetarian and Loving It!!

Cacao – Super Food; Super Nutrition

Cacao (Theobroma cacao). The botanical name for chocolate means “Food of the Gods” and after studying the nutritional and health benefits I can see modern research has supported this concept that chocolate is a super food.

Historical evidence shows the Aztecs, Mayans and likely the Olmecs before them were drinking cacao tea long ago. Hieroglyphs that depict chocolate being poured for rulers and gods are present on Maya murals and recently, remains of chocolate tea from over 2000 years ago have been found in pottery. They ground the seeds with spices like we do but theirs was a bitter, savory drink not sweet.

Cacao Tea is a heritage food in Dominica; traditionally this hot beverage is consumed with the breakfast or evening meal; I believe this is a factor in the longevity we are known for.

To make cacao tea: we grate the local…

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