One Is Gay: An Equal Freedom to Build A Career

Powerful message in there…

Ben Channing

“One is gay. If that bothers people, our work continues.”

These are the words that feature on a recent, ongoing campaign created by the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual charity Stonewall. The words are alongside photographs of two people in the same profession: professions that range, on their numerous campaign posters, from doctors to footballers; barristers to priests; office-types to those working on construction sites.

Out of the two people on each campaign poster, you might wonder which one is gay. Or are both gay? – “one is” can also mean “I am”, of course.

Who knows?

It’s simple, but ridiculously effective: gay people are ordinary people – so why would you be able to tell a difference, between the two featured, to be able to find a conclusion to that wondering? The only conclusion you can draw is that a person’s sexuality is irrelevant within the workplace.



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3 responses to “One Is Gay: An Equal Freedom to Build A Career

  1. Any person’s sexuality is their own business unless they choose to share it and the revelation should mean nothing more to the listener than the context in which it’s told.

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