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The Old Man and the Sea

All apart of the human condition…

Jorge Sette "Linguagem"

What’s all the fuss about this little tale of on old Cuban fisherman on the hunt for a huge marlin in the blue seas of the Gulf Stream, and his fight against the sharks that try to steal his spoils of war on the way back home? I needed to find out.

In his deceptively simple writing, Ernest Hemingway expresses all his concepts about life, old age, the meaning of victory, friendship, cooperation and masculinity in the fewer than 130 pages of this unforgettable story.

It’s a book with layers of meanings, and the right one for you will emerge and resonate deeply and fast – depending on your age and the point of life you’re at.

The Old Man and the Sea. Illustration by  C.F. Tunnicliffe and Raymond Shepard. The Old Man and the Sea. Illustration by C.F. Tunnicliffe and Raymond Shepard.

The narrative power of Hemingway will make you put yourself in this old man’ shoes (or lack thereof). You will…

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Persuasive writing: engaging the senses (with chocolate!)

Food for thought…

Scooled! Teaching with Intent

I’ve been in many classrooms where persuasive writing unfortunately becomes repetitive and uninspirational. In such a classroom, students quickly lose heart, and so do teachers.

However persuasive writing is meant to be fun! Voicing your opinion and trying to convince others is not only exciting, but a real-life skill that we use in business, social contexts, politics and everyday life – for example when trying to convince a friend to buy a particular brand of chocolate cookies…

This lesson engages students’ hearts, minds and tastebuds to have them formulate a convincing, sensory piece of writing to persuade their peers that one brand of chocolate chip cookies is better than the others.


The lesson

Learning Intent: Use descriptive language to create a persuasive argument as to why one brand of chocolate cookies is best. 

1. Separate students into groups of 4-6. This could be done in table groups.

2. Provide each group with a different brand of chocolate cookies. Tell…

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