Persuasive writing: engaging the senses (with chocolate!)

Food for thought…

Scooled! Teaching with Intent

I’ve been in many classrooms where persuasive writing unfortunately becomes repetitive and uninspirational. In such a classroom, students quickly lose heart, and so do teachers.

However persuasive writing is meant to be fun! Voicing your opinion and trying to convince others is not only exciting, but a real-life skill that we use in business, social contexts, politics and everyday life – for example when trying to convince a friend to buy a particular brand of chocolate cookies…

This lesson engages students’ hearts, minds and tastebuds to have them formulate a convincing, sensory piece of writing to persuade their peers that one brand of chocolate chip cookies is better than the others.


The lesson

Learning Intent: Use descriptive language to create a persuasive argument as to why one brand of chocolate cookies is best. 

1. Separate students into groups of 4-6. This could be done in table groups.

2. Provide each group with a different brand of chocolate cookies. Tell…

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