Finding Confidence in my Creative Ability

Creativity. Confidence. Innovation

Wheatley Scholars

Foster-CreativityI have many fond memories of the daring backyard expeditions my sister and I went on as children. Many of our adventures included narrow escapes from the ferocious raptors we imagined to be living in the tall rows of corn in our garden. We imagined that the only way to survive was to lure the raptors into our dog’s cage with a bowl of sugar milk, and then quickly slam the gate shut to trap them inside. I had a very creative imagination as a child, and I wasn’t afraid to share my ideas with others. Yet as the years passed, I came to think of myself as an unimaginative person incapable of generating creative ideas.

Unfortunately, I am not the only adult who feels this way. A recent study by Adobe found that only 52 percent of Americans would describe themselves as creative [i]. Imagination and creativity are embedded…

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2 responses to “Finding Confidence in my Creative Ability

  1. laurenllivingston

    Hey thanks for reposting my work! 🙂

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