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Bahamian Aviation Lawyer Says the Bahamas Should Take Part in Drone Legislation 

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Llewellyn Boyer-Cartwright, Now, a Bahamian aviation lawyer and Callenders partner, says that The Bahamas has a chance “to get out in front” with drone legislation. The prolific growth in the use of UAVs is leading to an increased need for legislation that would establish rules and regulations governing them in Bahamian air space. This comes at the heels of two recent close calls between unmanned aerial vehicles and passenger aircraft on the same day–one incident on the approach into New York’s busy LaGuardia airport, the other in California. These events drew international attention to the increasingly pressing issue about what to do with growing numbers of remotely-controlled drones in crowded airspace. Here are excerpts:

“Currently, there are no proscribed or published guidelines to assist commercial or recreational UAV operators,” said Boyer-Cartwright, who is concerned that it is only a matter of time before a close call becomes a call that…

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