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The Curse of “Eat a food” Culture in Jamaica

This is of interest to me because it appears to be a blight spreading throughout the region…

Reasoning with The Cunning One

“…Clark’s mi prefer Clarks fi the summer Clarks fi di winter…”

For far too long have I sat by and let the news go on and on several hot issues and I have held my tongue but this one draw mi out like shoes lace. As I sit in my office and listen to the senior management discuss the virtues of allowing those found counterfeiting the immortal “Clarks” brand to continue as well as seeing my most well thinking friends put forward the same view on social media I had to resume my “go against the grain” role.

Before I delve into a self-righteous monologue let me say upfront to me this is a very complicated issue and what makes it complicated is that unfortunately is the fact that the scales of justice are so unlevel in Jamaica. So we get the following quotes:

• “Bet if it was some…

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Innovation at work?

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Hershey’s bars are getting more expensive because of rising global chocolate demand

Supply and demand…

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Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Turns 50

An interesting angle…



I’m celebrating 50,000+ views on my blog (Thank you! Thank you!) and the 50th anniversary (published 1964) of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, published 1964.

Loved with this book, then I saw the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – my mind was forever altered.
A factory full of chocolate? It was one thing to read about it, another to see a river of chocolate

I still love the 1971 Gene Wilderversion best (directed by David L. Wolper), maybe because it’s steeped in childhood memories or because for me, it’s Gene Wilder’s definitive performance.

This is where I fell in love. Gene Wilder and chocolate. Sign me up!

Wilder is the ultimate1ww7Willy Wonka. He didn’t go over-the-top weird, instead opting for a subtle, damaged man-child who was trapped in his own reclusion, a Howard Hughes

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Getting work in the creative industries

Creating a way…

University of Manchester Careers Blog

Large_format_camera_lensThe creative & cultural industries are pretty diverse including: Theatre, publishing, art, music, gaming and creative IT roles, film & TV, journalism, social and cultural enterprises.

They all work in slightly different ways depending on funding, private or public sector, not for profit and of course self employment and this can govern to some extent how you will find work.

There are some common themes:

  1. It’s a small world –  be nice to people, tomorrow you could be asking them for a job.
  2. Unpaid internships and working for free to get experience are all too common.
  3. Starting your own business or freelancing is likely to be part of your life at some point.
  4. You are unlikely to have a job for life, portfolio careers are the way forward.

In the creative industries, especially when you are starting out it’s not that easy to find the perfect paid job. You may not…

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Get Creative with Copyright

Excellent resource for copyright…

Hillcroft LRC

CLA Copyright and the Creative Industries bookWhile our Learning Resources Centre (LRC) Manager was following the exhibition track at the Academic and Research Libraries’ Group (ARLG) annual conference at the University of Sussex she picked up this handy guide explaining how copyright works for those working and creating material in the creative industries:

Copyright and the creative industries: a short introduction to copyright and reference guide to related organisations

It lists the contact details of key agencies protecting the rights of the creators.

The Copyright Licensing Agency have an excellent website area CLA Further Education dedicated to how copyright works for those working  in Further Education colleges. Plus they’ve done a guide for students.

There’s also a handy website called Copyright User which explains how copyright protects those who create images, music, film and other works. It’s useful for anyone wanting to copyright the material they have created or use copyrighted material and avoid…

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This software guy accidentally designed an app that is saving my dyslexic son

The wonderful world of innovation…

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Finding Confidence in my Creative Ability

Creativity. Confidence. Innovation


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The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

Of interest…

Reading Development

The UN High Commissioner on Human Rights has released an excellent report today on the right to privacy in the digital age, blasting the digital mass surveillance that has been taking place, unchecked, by the U.S., the U.K, and other world governments. The report is issued in response to a resolution passed with unanimous approval by the United Nations General Assembly in November 2013. That resolution was introduced by Brazil and Germany and sponsored by more than 50 member states. This report turns the tide in the privacy debate at the United Nations and opens the door for more substantive scrutiny of states’ surveillance practices and their compliance with international human rights law.

[Download report]

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Crime in the Caribbean: Policing for Profit

Does crime pay?

Repeating Islands


The Economist recently published “Crime in the Caribbean: Policing for Profit” (by M.W.), an article on private security groups, whose guards may outnumber the police on several islands (by three to one in Jamaica, for example).

In May the Guardsman private-security group opened a new command centre in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston. Snipping the ribbon was the prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller. Looking on were her long-serving predecessor, PJ Patterson; the opposition security spokesman; and Jamaica’s then police commissioner.

Private security is a serious business across Latin America. According to a 2013 report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), there are more private security guards than police officers in the region. The Caribbean is particularly fertile ground. [. . .] Fear of violence and property crime is rife; so is distrust of the police. A UNDP seven-country survey published two years ago found less than a quarter of respondents believed their…

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