As a writer, will you sell yourself? What are your limitations?


The Krystol Method

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I was on Facebook and reading a blog today about celebrities getting a book deal without writing a single sentence. This made writers go crazy! I, even had a few choice words. But, it makes you wonder, if you were a big name ( not even a writer) would you sell yourself for money? I know some people will say, but think about it, truly. As writers we want to get a great book deal and be considered one of the best, but what will we do to reach that goal? What if. for example, an agent says, ” I love your manuscript and I have a company that wants to buy it for $100,000.oo but you will only get 5% royalties and everything else will be done for you. Would you sell? Would you sell knowing you have no say in the cover, the editing process…

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