Why the ‘Average ‘ Jamaican Man is So Afraid of Gays

The Attractor


Since the start of the ‘Gay Agenda’ the persons in our society that are most vocal and usually violent towards homosexuals are in fact Jamaican men. For the typical open minded individual, this hatred may often be misunderstood. Now, you don’t have to love gays or even agree with their lifestyle, however, the idea that they too are people who deserve equal rights is not that hard to accept… unless you’re the average Jamaican man.

But wait, what does this have to do with anything?

Let me define the average Jamaican man. He is strongly influenced from an early age by religion and subjected to non compassionate heteronormative prototypes and male figures. For the Jamaican man exposed to higher learning education opportunities, it is unfortunate to see how this did not open the mind to critical thinking and acceptance. The average Jamaican man is the one who blames the drought on homosexuals…

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