Before You Hire a Ghostwriter

Clare McIvor

blog 13

“What do you do with yourself?” asks the man/woman.

“I’m a ghostwriter. I am currently writing a *Insert book type here* for a client and completing my second novel for myself” I reply with a smile. “What do you do?”

“Oh you’re a writer. Great. I’m going to write a book. You can write it for me” comes the reply.

Um. No. Probably not. Don’t get me wrong. Ghost-writing is the best job! I love it! I get to learn about some seriously amazing topics, immerse myself in the learning process of it all and then craft a beautiful piece that could change lives! (At least thats what I’m doing on my current piece). There is nothing more rewarding.

Okay, maybe writing my own would be more rewarding but lets be honest: the pay for a new author isn’t that glamorous. The fun starts when you have a few titles…

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