So You Want to Self-Publish a Book: A Word about CIP Data


Ellen J. Nusbaum

The Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data (a.k.a. CIP Data) is a block of text for your copyright page that is required if you’re selling your books through most stores or if you want libraries to acquire your book.

The CIP Data specifies the following information:

·          Author’s name
·          Author’s birth date
·          Whether the author was alive or dead when the book was printed
·          Book title
·          Other book contributors, if applicable
·          Edition number
· Placeholder (which denotes physical information about the book)
·          Book summary
·          ISBN number sometimes will display here
·          Information about the type of paper used in the book
·          Library of Congress number
·          Publication year
·          Dewey Decimal number
·          Catalog Card number

However, self-published books, e-books, and books printed-on-demand are ineligible for the CIP program.

For the latest information on CIP Data, visit:

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