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Creative Skills for the Creative Economy

Something to learn from…

Creative Economy 2015/2017

Kate O’Connor

As we come to the end of the 2010 Coalition government, it is striking is how much the concept of the creative industries has endured in public policy. When the-then Culture Secretary Chris Smith launched the Creative Industries Mapping Document in 1998, few would have predicted that 17 years later a Conservative Chancellor in his last budget of the Parliament would be describing the sector as a ‘powerhouse’ and ‘huge contributor to the UK economy’, as he announced another round of fiscal incentives to promote its growth.

Perhaps even more surprising is how, as part of this, education and skills for the sector have become so firmly embedded in creative industries policy. On its establishment by the Coalition government, the Creative Industries Council immediately identified skills as an initial priority, and established a working group to produce a report, outlining recommendations for ‘industry led approaches and proposals…

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Publishers Open To Submissions

Good news for writers…


I’ve been committed to professional independent publishing since I sat round a table with the three other founder members of Electrik Inc and we agreed we would not only write our own books, we would edit, line edit, proofread and publish them independently, to a professional standard. I’m still committed to the creative freedom that independent publishing offers. But I know there are other writers out there who would love to submit their work directly to a traditional publisher if only they could, but those pesky agents get in the way, like sand flies at a beach party.

Well, here’s a bit of good news for those writers who feel agents don’t ‘get’ them and won’t take them on or submit their novels to publishers. Guardian Books has mentioned that  HarperCollins, Jonathan Cape, Little Brown and Tinder Press have decided to take the initiative and are offering…

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All Publishing Paths Can Lead to Author Discovery

I am encouraged by the efforts of TPC…they have a great business model for self-publishers


It’s been stated before that there’s never been a better time to be an author. This is largely because there are so many ways to bring your work into the world. This best epitomized by the recent post on publishing pathways by Jane Friedman. Below find what she describes as the key 5 publishing paths, their value to authors, the potential pitfalls, and examples of each.

These five paths are as follPublishing Pathsows:

  1. Traditional publishing: where you query and submit to agents and editors in an effort to land a contract that pays an advance and royalties (and typically involves nationwide bookstore distribution).
  2. Partnership publishing: one might consider this the evolution of traditional publishing, where authors are positioned more as partners, receive higher royalties, but usually no advance.
  3. Fully-assisted publishing: the old “vanity” self-publishing model, where you write a check and get your book published without lifting a…

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HFC Bank’s love turns sour

I am still trying to get the love story of two banks gone sour…

Nana Boakye-Yiadom's Blog

One of Ghana’s indigenous banks that is doing so well is about to lose its majority shares to the Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, but the transition has turned ‘bloody,’ literally.

Asare Akuffo is Managing Director of HFC Bank Asare Akuffo is Managing Director of HFC Bank

How this story is turning out is a bit strange because HFC Bank literally went out there to invite Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago to be a key partner in the business.

The relationship started just like when two lovers find each other and want to quickly marry and consummate. But even before the marriage is blessed, there is already suspicion, seeming betrayal of love and trust. Hatred is literally oozing out from their veins. It is a sad end to a relationship that blossomed beautifully.

The media is also feeding on like vultures on a carcass.

According to some banking analysts and industry players I have spoken to…

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GO_tmrw: Why the sudden interest in Creative Industry projects?

this is great information for creatives…

Sharing of Insights

What is this sudden drive, or rather recognition for projects from the Creative Industries? Why the sudden spur? I mean, to be honest, we’ve been doing this for a long, long time. Since 2002, to be exact. And some people have been flogging the ‘creative’ horse for way longer. But why now?


The advent of technology makes content, creative and unique content, even more important! Content that create eyeball stickiness. Content that can create buzz from within the community. Content that is tweeted and re-tweeted.

I had coffee this morning with a friend, who’s also a lecturer at a design school and a freelance illustrator. We were just toying with some ideas. Chatting about some potential projects. There are so many! But it all goes back to the question of, who’s going to fund it.

So if the crowd, the community, are now willing to fund such creative projects…

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Kingston Book Fair 2015 was Booktastic!

Great work Nadine…

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March 9, 2015 · 5:27 pm

Good News for Chocolate Lovers!

This is certainly food for thought…

Stress Free Dental

power of chocolate
Know that guilty feeling that creeps in every time you bite into a piece of chocolate? Turns out it’s all for naught. (Well, mostly.) Recent studies show that chocolate is actually good for your teeth – and your overall health.
It turns out that chocolate contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols and flavanols. Polyphenols prevent bacteria from turning the sugar and starches contained in chocolate into acids that cause decay. They can help reduce the chances of hypertension and stroke and may even help protect the heart. Dark chocolate is particularly high in flavanols – and has more antioxidant power than green tea.
The cocoa butter contained in chocolate also packs a healthy punch. When you eat a piece of chocolate, the cocoa butter in it coats your teeth, preventing plaque from sticking to your teeth. And what about the “butter” part of cocoa butter – should you worry about fat? Nope…

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