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Bookish Delights: Highlights of the Kingston Book Festival 2016

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Last week (March 5 – 12) was a delight. It was the Kingston Book Festival 2016. Spirited discussions took place. There were insightful information sessions, entrancing readings of poetry and prose…and the Kingston Book Fair, bright, noisy and fun. Throughout the week and at every event, there was busy networking, quiet sharing of ideas, mutual enjoyment of the world of books. Here are a few photos I took that I hope will capture a little bit of the week’s activities (in somewhat random order). You will find more photographs on the KBF Facebook page. In addition to these events, there were book donations to a children’s hospital ward, readings at correctional institutions and schools, a Christian book session, and a workshop for publishers and writers. Congratulations to Festival Chair Kellie Magnus and Book Industry Association of Jamaica Chair Latoya West-Blackwood. They worked incredibly hard and at a crazy pace at…

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