Voicetonemood is a unique and vital gathering place for books, ideas, expressions and expertise in the creative sector/industry globally and specifically as they relate to publishing, technology and innovation

This blog will take a look at the influences and impact of situations and events that are linked to the creative industries and how they apply to the people that are involved in the industry/sector.

We will continue to search for the various voices or even styles that exist, either individually or collectively, while at the same time discovering the attitudes and atmosphere in which those voices find their way to express their point of view.

So, there will be an emphasis placed on matters of thoughts, words and books, but, in no way will there be limits placed on those only. Because, it is necessary for us to search for the relationships that exist between our thoughts, words and books and the creative sector and how we develop as well as re-engineer the skills and abilities that are found in our human capital/peoples for sustainable growth.

The essence of this exercise is to encourage critical thinking and while all of that is going on, readers will be placed in positions where they revise their point of view about how crime, our regional neighbours, limitless raw material, common interests, and countless other issues all influence how we live and work, play and love, in short—experience our various existence…all of which will continue to be unique, but at the same time create a beautiful tapestry in this region of the world.

And yes, we will always bring you stories and interviews that deal with the human elements that can touch a nerve or even a fibre that reminds us that we are all humans, all of the time. Time and space might only change the material interest in a given situation but the basic needs will remain just that—basic.

Be prepared for reblogs too… they formed a major part of the experiment during 2014 and the statistics were encouraging.

2015 will adapt and modify that approach by combining our efforts to deliver information that continues to be useful from other sources while we capture the interesting elements both near and far that matter to our readers also…so, look out for blogs that are based on stories of the creative sector mixed with technology and innovation in relatively good measure.


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