Equity Crowdfunding Is Changing Venture Capitalism in Canada


If you’re considering embarking on the painstakingly tedious process of raising seed capital for your company, you should know that a dismal 98 per cent of business plans pitched to venture capitalists or accredited angel investors are rejected. And in the off chance that your idea is endorsed, the combined expense of raising funds via traditional financing routes can top $250k.

Oscar Jofre knows this story all too well. Two years ago he tried to go public and the process almost bankrupted his company. That experience is part of the reason why he’s one of equity crowdfunding’s most ardent disciples today.

In fact, Jofre, a 25-year entrepreneur and technology innovator, co-founded and is a member of the Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada. Through his company, Koreconx, he has helped thousands of businesses in 44 countries raise capital through equity crowdfunding.

Jofre has published a free e-book to help people understand…

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