Is it okay for our Leaders to lie to us?

Unfortunately, the views expressed in this article seem relevant to other Caribbean territories…

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How many Jamaicans from the grass root would still vote if our leaders decided to stop buying votes? How many of us would still invest in the economy if we knew its actual fate? How many grass root Jamaicans would still vote if corruption was eliminated and our politics became clean? How many Jamaicans are willing to report criminals within their communities to ensure crime does not nest there? How many Jamaicans are really ready to stand for what is right and see to it that there is a safer Jamaica for both theirs as well as their neighbour’s children?

The truth is, we cry for a new, prosperous, safe and productive Jamaica, but most Jamaicans are not ready for real change. Many Politicians, including the Prime Minister are able to abuse the Constitution and in turn the citizens of this country because we allow them to. What did the…

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